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White Star Line, RMS Olympic. First Class lounge stained glass window 1911.

by Jonathan Quayle |

White Star Line RMS Olympic First Class Lounge monumental stained glass window

A recent purchase by Pursers Locker was this stella piece of art and major decorative feature of the ships famous 1st Class lounge, original to the ship in c-1911.

The decorative panel at the top which opened inwards to vent fresh air in from the enclosed Promenade Deck beyond is hand painted leaded stained glass.

The rest of the window frame is in a golden oak still retaining its original finish. The windows themselves are cast bronze frames, each piece of glass is individually cut sitting within that frame. Again this window has two functioning opening windows to allow fresh sea air into the room from the Promenade Deck outside, complete with functioning beautifully and heavily cast door furniture  in a Rococo style. 

The window represents one of the muses from the classics, these were identical to those found within the Titanic's 1st Class lounge.

Thankfully the majority of the rooms paneling was saved from the ship and repurposed in the famous White Swan in Alnwick. The hotel's owner also had other properties in the area, surplus to the windows that he installed in his hotel he used the remaining unused bay as the backdrop in a shop. They remained here until removed and sold in the 1990's and purchased by leading Ocean Liner dealer and expert Peter Boyd-Smith of Cobwebs, Southampton. 


An identical window as seen on the seabed of the atlantic at the Titanic wreck site.


The First Class lounge on the RMS Olympic, as originally laid out, identical windows to that just purchased can be seen around the edges of the room.



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