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White Star Line, RMS Olympic & Titanic. A'la carte restaurant Regent Plate Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, silver service.

by Jonathan Quayle |

  White Star Line, the silver service used within the exclusive restaurant on the RMS 'Olympic' & 'Titanic', C-1911.  Produced by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, large hot chocolate pot. Complete tea service, c-1911. In 1911 when choosing the silver service that would be employed within the speciality A'La Carte restaurant as installed within the upcoming 'Olympic'...

White Star Line silver plate, a brief buying guide. Advice for collectors old & new.

by Jonathan Quayle |

Here at Pursers Locker we have been saddened to see the recent large influx of reproduction silver-plate wares appearing on the open market on auctions sites, we hope that this rough guide will help you navigate the waters of what is right and correct in the world of collecting quality White Star Line & ocean liner silver plate.

White Star Line, RMS "Britannic" & "Olympic" 1st Class stateroom dressing table & chest of draws.

by Jonathan Quayle |

A 1st Class stateroom dressing table/chest of draws, originally created for the RMS 'Britannic' C-1914, and later reinstalled and repurposed on the RMS 'Olympic' C-1918/19. This months stellar arrival, one of the finest pieces of Olympic furniture seen on the open market for many years, a beautiful dressing table/chest of draws from RMS "Olympic" with...

White Star Line, RMS Olympic, Titanic & Britannic. A'la carte restaurant dining room original chair c-1911. Plus three modern day reproductions in the style of the C-1911 originals.

by Jonathan Quayle |

Recently here at Pursers Locker we discussed in detail the silver service used upon the 'Olympic' class liners, it comes as no surprise then that White Star would appoint the same level of luxury and craftsmanship with the rooms paneling, furniture and fixtures.  A period postcard, with the somewhat misleading title of 'First Class Restaurant',...

White Star Line, RMS Olympic & Titanic era blankets, as used onboard, c-1911.

by Jonathan Quayle |

White Star line was a shipping company whose reputation was built on comfort over speed or innovation. If a transatlantic crossing was going to take seven or eight days, the company felt those days should be spent in the utmost luxury, all three classes on the Olympic & Titanic boasted unsurpassed facilities over the majority of their  competition crossing the...

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