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Art deco silverware from the ill-fated french liner, SS ‘L’atlantique' Sud Atlantique

by Jonathan Quayle |

Pursers Locker have been lucky enough to find a few pieces from this extraordinary example of high end early french art deco modern design, that lead directly to the design of the legendary liner the SS ‘Normandie’.

SS 'Sud Atlantic', c-1931, super rare Christofle silver plate from the ships 1st class service. This pattern & logo where especially designed for the iconic french super liner in 1931, examples of this pattern can be seen on page 163 of Mr Viens superb book on the decorative arts of the great french liners.

The silver service from this iconic french super liner is rare. Due to the ill fated short life of the liner, very little is seen from her. A disastrous fire prematurely destroyed this fine liner. She was towed to port Glasgow, Scotland where she was broken up. Her silver service was sold off at auction in Scotland. It was sold to several hotels & catering companies. 

It randomly turns up throughout the uk, unrecognised but rare. Often this silver plate is warped and scared from the effects of the fire, most of the re used silver service shows dramatic signs of the fire that would claim this beautiful liner.

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