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White Star Line, Titanic/Olympic era 1st class fine china hors d’oeuvres dish. c-1911/12

by Jonathan Quayle |

White Star Line, 1st class hors d'oeuvres three section in the wisteria pattern especially chosen for used onboard the 'olympic' & 'titanic', manufactured by Stoniers of Liverpool. Produced and used within the ships 1st class dinning room.

Similar examples of this pattern and shape have been recovered from the titanic wreck site. They can be seen at various exhibits of the recovered artefacts that travel the world, such as the major exhibit currently in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the US. Interestingly enough the recovered examples of this pattern on the whole are now stripped back to the bare white china as marine organisms took a particular liking cellulose based paint and ate it off!

This example we were recently lucky enough to purchase was in used but very good condition, gold rim was intact. Overall it showed odd marks and crazing etc as you would expect from being 100+ odd years old and used within a ship on the atlantic run, but it was about as good an example as you could hope to find on the open market. No chips, no cracks, no restoration.

I have only seen a handful of this shape on the open market before, and as such was very rare.

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