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RMS Queen Elizabeth c-1938. Thomas Mercer 1st Class stateroom suite Art Deco clock.

by Jonathan Quayle |

RMS 'Queen Elizabeth' c-1938, Stunning rare First Class stateroom suite clock, by Thomas Mercer, with later 'Smiths' electrical movement that replaced the original as fitted 'slave' Mercer movement, replaced after it was removed from the ship for use on dry land. Early 20th century ships clock, the silvered dial with arabic hours and square case.

Due to the quality and extra decoration to the face as compared to the standard stateroom examples you see through the ships 1st class accommodations, this would definitely be from one of the ships exclusive suites. Similar clocks could be found on the Queen Mary, Caronia and Mauretania II.


A selection of stateroom clocks as installed on the Queen Mary, all c-1936. The first was the standard issue as found in the majority of the 1st Class Stateroom. The second two were fitted within the suites on 'M' Deck. All by Thomas Mercer.

Provenance:  from the RMS Queen Elizabeth, after the Second World War the vendors father worked for Thomas Mercer and was given the clock from the ship after refurbishment, in the 1950's.

A similar example shown in situ in one of the ships exclusive 1st Class suites, each of the suites clocks were bespoke and different, each hand painted faces.

Given the ultimate sad fate of the queen elizabeth any surviving elements from her stunning art deco interiors are rare, this is a museum standard item and a beautiful usable one.

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